A representative for British violinist NIGEL KENNEDY has blasted reports the musician was arrested by German police last month (Sep10) on suspicion of using drugs.
Cops were called to a hotel in Bavaria, Germany following complaints about a noisy aftershow party and they are said to have found illegal substances amongst the rowdy group, which the classical musician was allegedly a part of.
Kennedy was hit by further scandal after Germany's Bild magazine quoted him as saying he "smoked a little grass" at the party, adding, "I can't do this job without it, I need it to relax."
But a rep for the violinist has dismissed allegations of drug-taking at the party - insisting police found no illegal substances and no one was arrested.
The spokesperson says, "This has been blown out of all proportion. Nigel and his orchestra were celebrating the end of a music festival when one of the guests complained about the noise. Police were called but no drugs were found and no arrests were made."