LATEST: A video forensics expert has shattered R. KELLY's defence in his child pornography trial after matching a mole on the singer's back to that of the man in the sex tape at the centre of the case.
The troubled R+B star stands accused of videotaping himself having sex with a 13-year-old girl. He has pleaded not guilty to all 14 counts of child pornography.
The Bump N' Grind hitmaker's defence team recently told a Chicago, Illinois court that the person in the explicit video could not be their client, because the two men bore key physical differences - most noticeably a dark fingernail-sized mole on the star's back.
But on Thursday (29May08), the prosecution brought out a forensics expert who appeared to have identified the missing mole.
He compared a photo of Kelly's back following his arrest in 2002 to several stills of the man's back in the sex tape.
He told the court: "There is a mark on the man's back in the exact same position (as Kelly's)."
Thursday's court proceedings also saw an FBI forensics expert take to the stand, verifying the legitimacy of the tape and insisting it was not a fake.
The testimony of the FBI's George Skaluae was another blow to Kelly's defence, as his lawyers have continually argued the tape could have been digitally altered to bear the singer's likeness.
The trial continues.