Kehlani is ''really excited'' to give birth.

The 23-year-old singer is expecting her first child with her guitarist Javie Young-White, and has said she can't wait to welcome her daughter into the world in a few months time, because she's always been ''interested'' in the ''extreme pain but also extreme beauty'' of childbirth.

She said: ''This is weird but I'm really excited to [give] birth. I'm really excited to experience that, just because I've always been interested in the birth process my whole life. If I had enough free time and I wasn't wrapped up in music, I'd probably be a doula or something.

''But just to feel what the surrender feels like - completely surrendering to the entire process of being in extreme pain but also extreme beauty, it's very ceremonial for me. So I'm really excited for that.''

The 'Nights Like This' singer went on to share her concerns about becoming a parent, particularly as someone in the public eye.

She added during an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music's Beats 1 radio: ''I think just the pressure of me being this quote, unquote, famous celebrity person who has always been open, that now has to consider protection. What if she does not want that? So I just want to make sure whatever she wants, however she wants to live her life, is how she gets to do that regardless of how I live my life, or regardless of how I navigate through my space.''

Meanwhile, Kehlani recently opened up about her battle with prenatal depression, as she insisted her pregnancy has been difficult.

She wrote on social media: ''2 days away from the 3rd trimester and this has been the hardest thing ever.

''From not knowing anything about prenatal depression nor understanding it while it's been hitting me like a bag of bricks, to being very isolated and alone internally and externally these days, to just the normal terrible sleep/no appetite/anxiety.

''The struggle to recognize your body in the mirror, the struggle to not feel like no matter what, no one understands. (sic)''