Jamaican reggae star JUNIOR DELGADO has died of natural causes in London. He was 46.

The singer was born OSCAR HIBBERT in Jamaican capital Kingston and boasted a music career spanning 30 years.

Hibbert started his career with the group TIME UNLIMITED before he went on to form a solo career, produced by LEE PERRY.

In 1985 Hibbert hit the headlines with his controversial single BROADWATER FARM, which predicted violence on the Broadwater Farm Housing Estate in Tottenham, north London.

In October 1985 - soon after the track was released - a riot broke out on the estate, resulting in the murder of Police Constable (PC) KEITH BLAKELOCK, and the single was consequently banned in Britain.

Delgado is survived by his wife Janet and their three sons. He also has four other children from other relationships.

14/04/2005 21:25