A French judge investigating the death of late British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales has been sacked after refusing to investigate claims that key evidence had been fabricated.

Judge CORINNE GOETZMANN was fired for inaction after twice ruling that there was no case to answer, five months after French officials ordered a re-investigation into the fatal 31 August 1997 crash in Paris.

The official inquiry into Diana's death blamed her chauffeur HENRI PAUL for the underpass smash, which killed the princess, her lover Dodi Fayed and Paul himself.

The case was reopened following allegations that blood tests were falsified to make it look like Henri Paul was high on drink and drugs.

A spokesperson for the public prosecutors's office says, "Three magistrates, who are above the trial judge, looked at the case. They found that the judge's decision wasn't right."

A new judge is now being appointed to re-examine the case.

26/01/2005 14:16