A Los Angeles judge has ordered ailing U.S. radio and Tv icon Casey Kasem be fed, hydrated and medicated as a court-appointed lawyer evaluates his health status.

The legendary broadcaster and voice actor, who struggles with dementia, is in a critical condition in a Washington state hospital, where he has been receiving treatment for bedsores and various infections since the beginning of the month (Jun14).

His daughter Kerri had him admitted to St. Anthony Hospital over fears for his declining health, shortly after she was appointed his official caretaker following a bitter legal battle with her stepmother, Jean.

Over the weekend (06-08Jun14), Kerri heeded doctors' advice to stop giving her sick father food, water and medication as the continued hydration would cause the 82 year old more pain.

However, Jean objected to the decision and took the case back to court on Monday (09Jun14), when she requested to be reinstated as Kasem's primary caretaker, insisting, "Only God knows when to take someone."

The judge declined to issue an immediate ruling about the caretaker role, and instead demanded Kasem be nourished to give an independent lawyer the chance to evaluate his condition.

After the court hearing, Jean blasted her stepdaughter, telling the media, "Everybody is standing by and watching her kill my husband."