Reality Tv star Judge Judy has won a substantial financial settlement after taking a Connecticut attorney to court over the unauthorised use of her name and likeness to promote his company.

The 71-year-old Tv judge launched legal action, the first suit she had ever filed on her own behalf, against Hartford-based John Haymond in March (14), amid allegations he had used images of the star from Judge Judy's hit show to suggest she endorsed his personal injury firm.

Judy, real name Judith Sheindlin, demanded more than $75,000 (£44,117) in damages, but she has since reached "an amicable resolution" with Haymond, according to

The exact settlement figure has not been released, but Sheindlin, a retired Family Court judge, previously promised to donate any winnings to her charity, Her Honor Mentoring Programme, which provides college scholarships for young women in Westchester County, New York.