Slang-strewn rap lyrics should be treated as a foreign language, according to a new ruling from a British High Court Judge.

Mr JUSTICE LAWSON was presiding over a case to decide whether lyrics in a rap song referred to drugs or violence, after ANDREW ALCEE of the ANT'ILL MOB claimed the HEARTLESS CREW's rap-filled remix of his 2001 UK garage number one BURNIN' damaged his reputation.

The judge said, "This led to the faintly surreal experience of three gentlemen in horsehair wigs examining the meaning of such words as 'mish mish man' and 'shizzle my nizzle'."

As none of them could decipher the slang, the judge dismissed the case.

He added, "The words of the rap, although in a form of English, were for practical purposes a foreign language."

06/06/2003 13:36