Josie asked John James how he would react if he found out she used to be a man.

In a jokey conversation yesterday (15.08.10), the outspoken Bristolian told the Australian hunk she would still be romantically interested in him if she discovered he used to be a woman - and then asked if he felt the same way.

Unsure if he had understood correctly, the former bodybuilder laughed: "If we started dating and you found out my ding dong was taped on, you would feel the same?

"Are you saying you're a bloke?"

The lovebirds laughed and joked about what secrets they would uncover about each other once they leave the compound for good.

Josie vowed: "If I came out of here and found out you had a girlfriend I wouldn't ever talk to you again, not in a million years."

John James and Josie hit it off soon after they entered the Channel 4 house, quickly declaring their love for one another.

Earlier this weekend, Josie told Corin how their housemate had confessed he planned to move from Australia to England so they could continue their relationship.

She said: "He went 'I'm so in love with you' and he said 'I'm going to move from Australia to be with you.'

"It just took my breath away, I couldn't say anything!"