Jorja Smith's dad used to critique her teenage songs.

The 21-year-old star began writing her own tracks in her bedroom when she was at school and used to run her lyrics past her father, who is a musician.

She recalled: ''He used to be like, 'I can't hear a chorus in that, it doesn't sound like a song.'

''And then I'd go upstairs, change it, come back down and he'd say, 'That's better.' ''

The 'Blue Lights' singer spent as much of her teenage free time as possible holed up in her room away from other people, writing songs.

She told Q magazine: ''I always liked doing stuff by myself.

''As soon as the school bell would go, I'd run to the bus stop to avoid people because I wanted to go to my room to write a song or finish my homework.''

Jorja shot to fame when she teamed up with Drake on his track 'Get Together' and she was proud of how little attention he received when he was spotted shopping in a supermarket in her hometown of Walsall, West Midlands, last year.

She said: ''Nobody comes to Walsall that's huge, so everyone's really respectful.

''Drake could go into a pub and there wouldn't be cameras following him.''

Jorja previously revealed Drake visited the store to see her while she was buying essential items.

She shared: ''He came because I was at the Birmingham show and he came to The Co-op. I was buying Wine Gums and tampons and he came in and the guy that worked there - I went to church with him - he was like 'what?' he saw (Drake) walking in, and I was like 'hey.' He was like what the hell is Drake doing in the Co-op?''