Jonathan Anderson has collaborated with Converse on a new line.

The 33-year-old designer has created a new footwear range for the company, and he is proud of his creations because he thinks the collection gives an ''intimate portrayal'' of himself, as well as an insight into his personal style.

Speaking to, the mogul - who received the Accessories Designer of the Year for his work with Loewe, as well as British Womenswear Designer of the Year for his namesake label JW Anderson at The Fashion Awards 2017 - said: ''The collection for me feels more like an intimate portrayal of myself. It's the tactility of it. It's a self-portrait of what I'm into and what I wear.''

And this is the ''first time'' Jonathan has been this ''excited'' about a project he has ever worked on.

He explained: ''It's the first time I'm excited about projecting myself into a product, which is a weird and new thing for me.''

Jonathan has hailed Converse as a ''subcultural icon'' and he believes the brand are timeless as their designs have not ''really changed'' over the last 100 years.

Speaking about the longstanding American company, he said: ''Converse is a subcultural icon! You can define its sneakers by three adjectives - quintessential, comfortable and affordable. It's an item that all the brands would like to create! It's amazing how the design hasn't really changed since 1917.''

And the reason Jonathan was keen to team up with the label was because he wanted to work on something ''new and unexpected'', and he hopes his own eponymous company will be as ''universal'' as Converse.

He said: ''I wanted to work on something new and unexpected for the brand.

''The brand he [Chuck Taylor] created is universal and I would love JW Anderson to be that universal.''