Missing You singer John Waite has given his former bandmates in The Babys his blessing as they embark on a reunion on the back of new album I'll Have Some of That.

Waite declined to be a part of the get together planned by founding members Wally Stocker and Tony Brock, but he wishes his old bandmates all the best.

He tells Billboard.com, "I'm glad they're playing together. I think it's great... When I left the Babys I left the Babys - for good. But I think Wally and Tony were meant to be playing together, and there's no reason why they shouldn't. I'm not even on the same page as them anymore with what I'm doing, so there's no conflict of interest, to me, at all."

And fellow former Babys star Jonathan Cain, who couldn't be a part of the comeback due to his commitments with Journey, echoes Waite's sentiments, adding, "I think it's awesome. They certainly deserve a shot at it, and there's some great music there and they are certainly a big part of the sound."

Waite and Cain have been replaced by singer-bassist John Bisaha and guitarist Joey Sykes.

I'll Have Some of That is The Babys' first album in three decades, and the release later this month (Jun14) coincides with the 40th anniversary of the group's formation in London.