LATEST: MICHAEL and JANET JACKSON'S father Joe has promised to sanitise hip-hop in his boot camp competition for musical wannabes.

The pushy patriarch, famous for managing his children's band THE JACKSON 5 and their early solo careers with unwavering discipline, is staging the contest to give young people a chance in the music business.

Jackson is disgusted by the foul-mouthed role models his pupils are presented with and hopes to outlaw swearing in the popular genre.

He says, "Everybody is liking hip-hop now.

"I'm gonna have to clean it up a little bit - all that vulgar language out there."

"I'm gonna have to keep that clean, with nice singing in it, and great music behind it."

Jackson's business associate CARL KOPAY, added, "It's not so much of Joe Jackson knowing about hip-hop, it's about Joe Jackson being able to groom the next generation of superstars.

"Somehow it's touched a nerve."