Joanne Shaw Taylor wants to record a track with former Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart.

The 30-year-old British blues musician has just released her sixth studio album 'Wild' which she recorded in Nashville with music producer Kevin Shirley, who has worked with the likes of Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin.

Joanne hasn't done any collaborations yet and is keen to get some ''fresh inspiration'' and get in the studio with Dave who discovered her when she was just 16 years old and asked her to join his super-group D.U.P. on tour in 2002.

In an interview with BANG Showbiz, she said: ''I would like to do some more work with Dave to be honest. I'm sure we will get round to that at some point. I always wanted to work with Prince but that's off the cards now unfortunately, we've lost some great talent out there.''

Joanne would also like to work with fellow Nashville singer Taylor Swift but accepts the chances of them recording together are very slim.

She said: ''I'm not sure about Taylor - I think she might be a bit busy!''

Speaking about her new album she added: ''We recorded it in about five days - they keep me on a tight schedule. With this album I decided to co-write to give myself some fresh ideas. It was a really pleasant experience, pretty easy. I was working with great musicians so it was pretty inspiring.''

Dave was instrumental in getting Joanne's music out there. Following her tour with his band she went on to release her debut album 'White Sugar' on Ruf Records in May 2009 and she quickly followed that up with 'Diamonds in the Dirt' in 2010. Both LPs peaked at number eight in the US Billboard Top Blues Album Chart.

Speaking about how the 'Here Comes the Rain Again' hitmaker helped kick-start her career, Joanne said: ''No [I haven't repaid him yet] I think that will be a payment that never gets paid back. Dave is great and I certainly wouldn't be the musician I am without him, he was very instrumental in he always said a good guitar solo is a good guitar solo but if it's not in a great song no one is ever going to hear it and encouraged me to write songs and find my voice.''

And the pair have had a few drunken jamming sessions already.

She recalled: ''I saw him recently in London actually. We went and jammed after a few cocktails at the Hospital Club. Hopefully it wasn't filmed. In that situation as a professional I wouldn't advocate, but also a few martinis with Dave in his club in Covent Garden for a bit of a jam is a slightly different situation.''