Jo Malone's new Shot Candle was inspired by a ''chance moment in New York''.

The 53-year-old British perfumer - who is known for her eponymous label Jo Malone London, which has since been sold to Estée Lauder - launched her new fragrance and scented candle brand Jo Loves in 2011 and marked her comeback with the release of the innovative wax creation made up of ''two fragrant moments'', which she came up with after watching pop tarts being customised during a trip to New York.

Speaking about her latest creation, the creative mastermind said: ''The Shot Candle concept was originally inspired by a chance moment in New York when I had the idea to create a bespoke candle that combined not one, but two fragrant moments.''

The Shot Candle allows you to select the Candle Base and a separate scented segment the Shot from an array of fragrances, including Mint Mojito, Fig Trees, Paperwhites, Charcoaled Lemons, Mango and many more, which when lit give off a medley of fresh aromas personal to you.

And Jo has revealed the process of creating the Shot Candle is to allow her customers to be involved in the creative process and to ''blend your own moments and memories together''.

She explained: ''It's the first time that I've designed a product that invites you to become part of the creative process by blending your own moments and memories together.''

The variety of bases and additional shots are inspired by locations across the globe the blonde beauty has visited.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the Fig Tree smell, she said: ''Fig has such a distinctive smell and reminds me of Capri where the scent of sun warmed figs lingers gently in the air.''

And Jo has revealed her upbringing has had a strong influence on her company and the products, as she worked in a flower shop where the stand alone store is currently situated, and where she discovered the perfumed aroma of Paperwhites flowers.

She said: ''My first job was in a flower shop on Elizabeth Street and it was here I discovered and fell in love with Paperwhites. This pretty white flower, shaped like a tiny trumpet, sings with the scent of springtime.''

Jo has also created a three-layered Christmas candle especially for the festive season, which is made of Christmas Trees, Plum Pudding and Log Fires scents.