British musician/artist Jimmy Cauty is planning a bizarre exhibition of police riot shields decorated with a smiley face.

The former Klf star has amassed dozens of decommissioned protective shields and has decorated them with the yellow symbol of psychedelia.

They will go on display at an art fair in London next month (Oct14) and the items will then be sold, and Cauty has told how he was inspired to design them when his stepdaughter was part of the 'Occupy' protest in London in 2012.

Telling Uncut magazine he first made the shields to protect her during the demo, Cauty says, "I thought that's not going to get them into trouble, it's got a good message... The great shot would be 100 kids with Smiley Riot Shields, charging down Whitehall."

However, Cauty admits obtaining the former police equipment has proved difficult: "It's all quite clandestine - I have to drive up north in a van, meet a man on a farm. They have seen active service. The faces are painted on the back side of the polycarbonate, facing through the plastic. But the fronts are as they were, which means you get scratches, marks, strange liquids. Sweat and blood."