Jessica Paster believes young designers should be more open about which celebrities to dress at events.

The celebrity stylist - who counts Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt and Miranda Kerr among her clients - says up-and-coming designers who hold out for bigger names often miss out on having their work seen on the red carpet altogether.

She explained to Fashionista: ''You didn't see Jason Wu or Prabal Gurung on the red carpet [at the Golden Globes], because instead of them being a little open-minded, they're waiting to get these other people that they think they deserve.

''If you would've put a Prabal Gurung on a beautiful actress, it would have been showcased and he would have sold four more dresses. Everyone is like, 'No, I want to dress Cate Blanchett. No, I want to dress Cate Blanchett. No, I want to dress Cate Blanchett'.''

The fashion expert added that if the designers were more open-minded, it would be beneficial to the sales of their designs, adding: ''If they can get their dress on a certain person on a red carpet, that's going to sell their clothing. But instead these designers have to go and do a line with - so and so, or for Kmart - they have to do those things because obviously their clothes are not selling.

''They want the most famous person, and they're losing the chance to get their work shown. There are two reasons to dress somebody on the red carpet: ego or business. I just feel that these up-and-coming designers that are fabulous and amazingly talented should be a little more open.''