Jessica Shears hasn't planned any of her wedding to Dom Lever - even though the pair are due to tie the knot at the end of the summer.

The model and reality TV star is due to tie the knot with her 'Love Island' co-star in just a couple of months but Jess is taking a relaxed approach to her nuptials and isn't stressing about all the details so far.

In an interview with New! Magazine, the brunette beauty said: ''I haven't done anything! I want to spend this summer chilled out in the garden, with a glass of wine, trying to plan it calmly. I've been dress shopping and Dom's got a suit that's all I've done. It's at the end of summer. I've got so many ideas; I just need to put them in motion.''

And Jess, 25, isn't predicting that Dom, 27, will step up and help her out with the planning.

When asked whether Dom is a hands-on groom, she said: ''Not at all. He very much wants everyone to turn up on the day and make sure he looks good, that's all. I think it's probably best he leaves it to me.''

The celebrity couple have set a pre-wedding health regime and are helping each other stay in shape before the big day.

She said: ''Dom and I have both agreed to a pre wedding workout, and we're definitely going to cut down on the treats. We're quite good at motivating each other. But we do egg each other on to cheat every now and again.''

Jess and Dom are one of the few couples from the 2017 series of reality dating show 'Love Island' who have stood the test of time and although viewers doubted the pair's on-screen romance at the time she is proud that they have proved them wrong.

Jess said: ''We knew all along that people's opinions about us weren't right. I would be an Oscar winning actress if I could keep up acting this loved up for a year, living with him every day ... that's some hard graft.''