Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's 'Jersey Shore' co-stars branded him a ''bully'' and a ''d**k'' on their reunion special.

The key members of the cast of the popular MTV reality show got back together for E! special 'Reunion Road Trip', and the 35-year-old star's first encounter was with Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, who lamented how their relationship had changed over the course of the programme's six-season run.

Snooki said: ''We used to be besties until you were rude and conniving. You were like a bully. But that was your role, I guess.''

Before The Situation had arrived to pick her up, 29-year-old Snooki - who has four-year-old Lorenzo and two-year-old Giovanna with husband Jionni LaValle - had reflected on how his partying had affected his personality.

She told her daughter she was being picked up by ''This guy called 'Mr. Situation.' He took too many, um, candy snacks and got mean and cranky.''

And later in the show, the group - which also included Pauly D, 27, Sammi 'Sweethear' Giancola, 30, and 31-year-old Jenni 'JWoww' Farley - reflected on how The Situation's indictment for tax fraud in 2014 caused all their finances to be scrutinised.

Pauly admitted in an on-camera confessional: ''Mike 'The Situation' went off that dark path and turned into a d**k, and we distanced ourselves from him -- which is kind of sad.''

The reality star has now been sober for 18 months and he got emotional as they discussed his problems, including the prospect of jail because of alleged tax crimes.

Snooki admitted she didn't think The Situation would last in jail - and then declared they should all do a shot to celebrate their former co-star's sobriety.

And as they talked about how they've all grown up, JWoww quipped: ''We're old. We adults now. We pay taxes! Oh s**t, Mike did not.''

While the initial plan had been to return to Seaside Heights for the reunion, the group were told they weren't welcome back to the resort.