Jerrod Blandino ''accidentally'' created one of the beauty industry's most successful brands.

The former Estée Lauder sales assistant created Too Faced with his partner Jeremy Johnson after struggling to find inspiration from the ''serious'' products in the cosmetics industry and, although he didn't intend to get into make-up, he realised he enjoyed making women feel confident.

Speaking to, he said: ''I fell into cosmetics by complete accident but once I did, I instantly found my place in the world. I got to instil self-esteem into women every day and experiment with colour in artistic ways; it just clicked.''

His quirky make-up products have become cult classics among beauty fans - including Kim Kardashian West and Ashley Tisdale and, although his company was bought by Estée Lauder in 2016, he's still in charge of the creative direction which is influenced by the eclectic 90's decade.

He explained: ''I still touch everything from products to packaging, copy, t-shirts, EVERYTHING!

''My most favourite thing to do is create products and develop them through all stages I love the creative process. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't be creative. It feeds me.''

And his favourite product from his range is the tongue-in-cheek Better Than Sex mascara - which was an instant sell out - because it was challenging to achieve the perfect formula.

He revealed: ''It was the most agonising, difficult and painful product we ever created but it ended up being the most wonderful and successful product we've ever done.''

Jerrod says the secret to working successfully with Jeremy is to not talk about work when they get home and instead focus on relaxing things they can do together to unwind.

He confessed: ''We rarely, rarely talk about work at home. We take our dog for a walk on the beach every night and we just try to feel grateful and disconnect.''