Jeremy Scott has hailed Tom Ford as his ''big brother''.

The 42-year-old fashion designer has revealed he shares a close bond with the fellow creative mastermind, and has likened the 55-year-old as his sibling because he has always been on hand to give him advice.

Speaking to ES magazine about the mogul-come-film director, he said: ''He's always been like a big brother to me.''

And Jeremy has revealed the words of wisdom he has received from the 'Nocturnal Animals' creator was to ''never'' use his own money.

Jeremy said: ''Tom Ford told me: never use your own money, use other people's.''

And the star - who is the creative director of the fashion house Moschino, and runs his own eponymous label - has revealed he ''loves'' to collect ''junk'', and last year he was obsessed with collating ''all kinds of metal elements''.

He explained: ''I love junk. I have a whimsical personality and sense of taste, so I love going to flea markets. Last season I was collecting all kinds of metal elements for a beret collaboration with English icon Judy Blame for the Moschino show.''

And the style guru has revealed when he was younger he was constantly told he was made to live in London because of his eccentric fashion sense.

The Missouri-born star, who studied at the Pratt Institute in New York, said: ''I was 21, and I'd always been told I look like a London kid - think punkish kilts. Even my teachers at college in the US were like, 'You should be going to [Central] Saint Martins, what are you doing here?' So I got off the plane in London and was looking around for 'my people' and tourists kept coming up and asking me for a picture.''