Jeremy Scott feels ''humbled'' when people buy his designs.

The 40-year-old fashion designer - who is the creative director of Moschino - loves seeing his clothes being worn on the street rather than the runway because it means people have ''spent their hard-earned cash'' on his creations.

He explained: ''My work has always been about touching people through pop culture and using fashion to speak to them. When people are passionate, I'm excited. It's also great seeing the clothes on the street. That's the highest level of compliment. I love dressing all my girls, but it's different to run into people who have spent their hard-earned cash to buy things they identify with. It's a very thrilling and humbling experience. Other designers have clients; I have fans.''

Jeremy - who took home the Womenswear Designer of the Year Award at The Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday (22.01.15) - was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and has credited his move to Los Angeles for inspiring his creativity.

He told The Daily: ''I'm just happy here, and I believe that one does their best work when they're happy. Right now it's cloudy and gray, but generally, it's very sunny and there are beautiful blue skies year-round. Los Angeles feels very optimistic.

''Part of it is it's the land of make believe. It's Hollywood, where you can be whatever you wanted to be and you can make up your own story.''

The iconic designer also confessed that while he attends the occasional party, he also enjoys spending time at home working on his creations in his ''own world''.

He said: ''I just moved into it in July, so my house basically has nothing in it.

''I feel like I can cocoon and do my work and be in my own world and be slightly apart from the hubbub of fashion.''