Jeremy Scott has collaborated with UGG.

The designer admitted he has been ''an undercover UGG fan'' for some time and when he contacted the company about working together, he discovered that bosses at the brand were already interested in collaborating with him.

Now they have paired up on a limited-edition eight-piece collection that will be released on September 13.

Jeremy told WWD: ''I was an undercover UGG fan. I love the way they look with pants and shorts. It's not known for men to wear them so much here even though they are surfer-dude footwear. After trying them on in Waikiki a couple years back, I found myself in the store at The Grove and I was like, 'I'm going to do this. I don't care what people say'.''

Andrea O'Donnell, president of UGG added: ''I've always admired Jeremy; I think he does something special and different when fashion can be so serious.

''Collaborations have been very popular for a long time, and we have done them in the past but never been that strategic in terms of what they can do for us as a business. This collaboration stretches what the brand stands for and what we can do design-wise.''

Jeremy was thrilled to work with the brand as it brings back good memories for him.

He explained: ''It was a perfect space for me. I loved classic tall boot because it's very indicative of LA and Malibu. That was my first impression, of Kate Hudson and Britney Spears wearing them. There's a sense of nostalgia for that era right now.''

And UGG are planning more collaborations with other designers.

Andrea added: ''We are talking to a range of designers at the moment, either born in California or who have interesting stories to tell about what UGG has meant to them. We're also looking to connect outside of ready-to-wear and footwear to heritage and craftsman companies, tech stories and industrial designers or makers of things.''