Jeremy Meeks' wife is ''sick'' of him flaunting his relationship with Chloe Green.

Melissa Meeks - who has two children with her estranged husband - recently split from the 33-year-old model after he was seen kissing Chloe on board a boat in Turkey, and Melissa has now ''deleted and blocked'' her ex from her social media accounts.

A source shared: ''Melissa deleted and blocked Jeremy from her social media because she's sick of seeing him flaunting his relationship with Chloe, and she wanted to send him a message that she's done with him.

''He treated her appallingly and she's furious at him, as well as heartbroken. She feels like he's ruined her life. She can't look at the internet without having to see photos of Jeremy and Chloe holding hands or making out, and it makes her sick to her stomach.

''She's also worried about the kids seeing him with another woman and getting really upset.''

Melissa feels particularly aggrieved by Jeremy's antics, after she stood by him while he served time in prison for a felony.

However, she doubts whether her former lover's relationship with Chloe, 26, will last the distance.

The insider told ''Melissa stood by Jeremy when he was in jail, and she's always been there for him, but then he goes and repays her by running off with another woman.

''Melissa is sure that it won't last with Chloe, but there's no way she's going to take him back after he's humiliated her so publicly.''

And Melissa won't be sympathetic if Jeremy's current relationship falls apart.

The source said: ''As far as she's concerned, Jeremy is on his own now, and she's not going to be there to help him pick up the pieces - he's made his bed and he can lie in it.''