Melissa Meeks believes Jeremy Meeks' modelling played a part in the breakdown of their marriage.

The 38-year-old was married to the tattooed hunk for almost 10 years before the pair announced their divorce earlier this month, after she saw images of the model locking lips with businessman Sir Philip Green's daughter Chloe on a boat in Turkey last year, and the blonde beauty thinks her ex partner's ''new career path'' caused the pair to ''distance''.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning' on Monday (23.10.17) about her relationship, Melissa said: ''This new career path that he was on, he started to do a lot of travelling and unfortunately I wasn't able to go with him on a lot of things. So i feel that probably pulled some distance between us.

''I wouldn't say that was the cause but I definitely feel it could have been a part of what happened.''

The 33-year-old star shot to fame after his mug shot surfaced on social media, which swiftly saw him propelled into the fashion business and grace the runway for designer brands including Philipp Plein.

But before Jeremy's infidelity was made public Melissa has claimed she had ''no indication'' the blue-eyed heartthrob wanted to break up with her and was looking for another girlfriend.

She said: ''He would get compliments all the time. 'Oh your eyes, you are very handsome'. Of course he is an amazing looking man.

''I had no indication that he was looking for another relationship. Of course, people who are married or have been in long-term relationships, you go through your ups and times, I just felt this was a new chapter in our life we just had to work through that we had to get over the hump and think about it and we would get through it and everything would be fine.

''He was just apologetic for how things came out, and how hurt I was by it. I don't really think there is any denying it based on the photos that were out there.

''But it was very, very heartbreaking for me.''

Melissa ''believes'' there is no hope the pair will rekindle their romance, but she still wishes she had her husband ''to go home to''.

She said: ''I really wasn't too sure where I wanted to go.. Honestly that's my husband of eight/ nine years, I love him deeply, I still do. It's very hard for me when I think about what's happened because, honestly, I wish I still had my husband to go home to.

''I don't believe so [the pair will rekindle].''

And though the pair will go their separate ways, Melissa still encourages her children to see their father.

She said: ''Yeah he still sees them they're still every involved with each other, which is great. He sees them as much as he can. I encourage them to see him as much as possible, at least that's still positive for the children.''