Talkshow host Jeremy Kyle has been criticised after failing to censor a swear word during a morning broadcast.

During a discussion between the ITV1 presenter and a strongly-accented Scottish guest, a four-letter word of the "most offensive and abusive" tone was not bleeped out during the show.

According to ITV, its Manchester-based staff did not notice the swear word, due to the strength of the guest's accent, while its compliance officers and subtitlers also failed to hear the expletive.

Bizarrely, another word in the guest's rant was noted and edited out, but the most offensive word was "indistinct to non-Scottish viewers and was missed".

Retorting to criticism from Kyle, the guest had said: "I don't see you going out there saying [blanked] to people in the street you'd get your c**t kicked in."

An Ofcom inquiry accepted that the inclusion of the word was "unintentional" but said it remained "clearly offensive and unacceptable".

"We acknowledge the action ITV took on receipt of a complaint from a Scottish viewer and its recognition that this language should not have been broadcast," the report added.

"ITV should ensure that inappropriate and offensive language is not broadcast before the watershed," it added.

The daytime show has been criticised in the past for providing "a human form of bear-baiting".

07/07/2008 13:58:31