Jenny Lewis has branded the accusations of abuse made against Ryan Adams as ''upsetting and ''disturbing''.

The 'Wonderwall' singer was accused by seven women - including his ex-wife Mandy Moore, former fiancee Megan Butterworth and former flame Phoebe Bridgers - who had spoken to the New York Times newspaper for an expose published last month about the alleged emotional abuse and controlling behaviour they experienced from the 44-year-old musician.

Jenny - who has worked with the producer for many years - had Ryan and Beck help out with production on her forthcoming LP 'On The Line', and although she has never had any ''bad dealings'' with the 'To Be Young' singer/songwriter, she has heard ''tonnes of drama stories'' about Ryan being difficult to work with.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: ''Those allegations were very upsetting, disturbing and sad, mostly for the women involved.

''But that part of the story doesn't have anything to do with me.

''Everyone has tonnes of drama stories about him. Everyone knows that.

''If you went to one of his shows, he was either on or off, or whatever.

''I've never had bad dealings with him in that sort of way, but this is serious stuff and potentially criminal.''

Jenny says that she never intended to be a part of the ''discussion'', but she thinks it's important that women use their platform to speak out on misconduct and show they can stand up for themselves and will not ''tolerate'' abuse.

She said: ''I made my statement, which I was very careful with, but I do think that this is an important dialogue.

''I didn't set out to be a part of the discussion, but I have a unique perspective and I think it's really important that we figure it out moving forward and define how it is going to be and that we are not going to tolerate it.''

Ryan worked on Jenny's 2014 LP 'The Voyager', and just like 'On The Line', he pulled out of the job before completing the project.

She said of her experience working with the unpredictable musician: ''My last record 'The Voyager' was produced by Ryan, but he'd gone before it was finished but Johnathan (her former partner) was there to help me finish it.

''This time I had to finish it without him, so I reached out to Beck after I wrote all these new songs and we reconvened in the studio.

''I think it happened like that for a reason.

''I needed to finish it on my own and it's a better record as a result.

''Beck is a good man and I trust him musically and also as a friend. He has been a mentor to me.''

As a result of the accusations, Ryan's album 'Big Colors' and planned tour were cancelled.

Ryan's lawyer has denied the allegations made by his former spouse Mandy - who accused him of being ''psychologically abusive'' during their marriage - saying they were ''completely inconsistent with [Ryan's] view of the relationship'' and that he supported her ''well-deserved professional success''.