Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy's dog has died.

The 'Dancing With the Stars' couple - who got engaged in June - are ''in complete and utter shock'' after their pet pup Anastasia unexpectedly passed away on Wednesday (15.08.18).

Taking to Instagram late on Thursday (16.08.18) to post a series of pictures of the pooch, Jenna wrote: ''Our sweet angel Anastasia unexpectedly passed away last night. We are in complete and utter shock. I have truly never felt this type of sadness before. . (sic)''

Jenna, 24, went on to write a touching message dedicated to Anastasia, in which she said she had hoped the puppy could have been the ''flower girl'' at her wedding to the 32-year-old dancer, but instead will be there ''in spirit''.

She added: ''To my sweet baby girl... thank you for officially making us a family. You made it the 3 of us. You had a very adventurous life! You went on two different tours, you traveled the country, you went on set, you refused to sleep anywhere but my face, you had a big crush on Daddy, your sassy energy was contagious, and you brought immense joy into our lives. We treated you like our baby cause you definitely were. I wish you could have been a flower girl at our wedding, but I know you'll be there in spirit. Go bark at everyone and everything and run around in heaven my love. We love and miss you so much. (sic)''

Last month, Jenna revealed Anastasia had needed to have 10 of her teeth pulled out by a vet.

She wrote in another Instagram post at the time: ''My heart can't take it. Little bear had to get spayed today as well as have 10 teeth pulled. Her face says it all #coneofshame (sic)''