Korean weightlifter Je-Yong Ha ''laughed hysterically'' when rumours began circulating he was dating Lindsay Lohan.

The bodybuilder first met the 31-year-old actress when they were both in Greece and the two hit it off and speculation was rife that the two were an actual couple.

However, now Lindsay is reportedly dating someone new and in a recent interview with GQ Magazine Je-Yong has dismissed suggestions it his him.

He said: ''We originally planned to go to New York together. But I had another schedule so I couldn't go. I was at home watching TV when I got a message from Lindsay. She told me to Google her name. When I searched her name on Google, there were tons of articles about us. Lindsay and I laughed hysterically at this.''

Je-Yong has nothing but nice words for the 'Mean Girls' star and dubbed her an ''angel'' in his life.

The two friends have arranged to spend Christmas and New Year together.

He said: ''Lindsay is a great person. She's very kind, and she's an angel. We contact each other a lot. We will spend Christmas and New Year's Day together.''

Being dubbed the 'Korean Hulk' - which is also the name of his Instagram account where images of him and Lindsay first appeared - Je-Yong revealed his arms are around 56cm and admitted he loves to eat ''pizza, hamburgers and noodles''.

He said: ''I don't have a set amount of protein I eat per day.

''I just try to eat as much as I can. I'm not someone who's trying to diet to make my body look pretty. I like big, beefy and strong bodies.

''That's why I eat a lot. I eat a lot of pizza, hamburgers, and noodles. But I like natural raw food such as garlic, ginseng, abalone, oyster, caviar, foie gras, truffles, and sea urchins, which are some of my favourites. These foods make my body healthier.''