Rapper JAY-Z is the latest celebrity designer to be accused of using dog fur in their clothing lines, even though his product is advertised as fake fur. The Humane Society of the United States launched an investigation into one of the jackets manufactured for the rapper's Rocawear clothing line, and discovered it contains real fur from a raccoon dog. The organisation claims the dogs, which are indigenous to Asia, are skinned alive for their coats. According to entertainment website TMZ.com, The Humane Society informed the company of the issue a week ago, but they've taken no action. As of Tuesday (16JAN07), the $265 (GBP138) Hunter jacket was still a 'featured' item on the Rocawear website. Late last year (06), a similar investigation found that raccoon dog fur was also being used on a coat in SEAN COMBS Sean John collection. The item was removed from stores within days.