JAVINE, the UK's entrant to Saturday's (21MAY05) 50th annual EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, has slammed the competition's voting system - insisting the results were based on political tactics.

The sexy singer was thrilled with her performance in Kiev, despite battling a throat infection from the day before, and was shocked to finish a disappointing third from last, scoring just 18 points from a telephone poll by 39 countries.

She fumes, "I didn't feel all the countries voted on performances and songs. I was really pleased with my performance."

The show's British commentator Terry Wogan was so convinced the voting would be based on giving top marks to allies and neighbouring countries as opposed to honouring the best song, he correctly predicted the results before the extravaganza.

Wogan says, "The Baltic and Balkan states have only just come out from under heel of Russia and they're not used to voting, so they vote in blocs."

And suspicions have been running so high, a team from England's prestigious Oxford University decided to study the Eurovision results from 1992 to 2003, and concluded many of the countries have been voting corruptly - Greece and Cyprus being the worst offenders with Scandinavia close behind.

23/05/2005 13:52