Rushmore star Jason Schwartzman is building an online photo library of his doppelgangers after coming to terms with the fact so many men look just like him.

The actor has suddenly started to realise that his bearded, hipster look is very much in fashion - because more and more people are stopping him in the street and revealing they are often told they look like him.

He explains, "The people that do recognise me look exactly like me. It's really weird... I will be walking down the street... I'll look up ahead and 100 yards in front of me will be a person who looks just like me... They look like me, but in better shape...

"I'll walk by them and then I'll feel like a tap on my shoulder and I turn round and the person says, 'Hey man, people say we look alike, can we take a picture together?'"

Amused by the phenomenon, Schwartzman has started collecting shots of him with his doubles.

Appearing on U.S. late night show Conan, he adds, "I've gotten into a thing now where I also take pictures with the person and I'm building, like, a little photo library of me and my look-alikes. It's amazing. These people are not my doppelgangers, but just one click off."