Max George has been blasted by Jasmine Lennard, who claimed he's jealous of One Direction's ''good-looking'' fans.

The Wanted star has been the target of Twitter rant by his former fling - which has since been deleted - who has insisted he called his band's own followers ''ugly trolls''.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, she wrote: ''He spent all afternoon cussing his fans saying they were all fat ugly trolls and whingeing about how 1D have hot fans and they don't.

''He called them pigs.''

As well as claiming Max is jealous of his boy band rivals, Jasmine also blasted the 'All Time Low' hitmaker for his performance in the bedroom and as a musician.

She added: ''He used me. He released it to the press to promote his s****y single. Well Max, you're a s****y musician, a s****y person, and a s****y f**k. I didn't even have an orgasm.

What a f***ing joke ... I then discover he went down two floors and spent the night with Lindsay Lohan.''

Simon Cowell's former flame has dished the dirt on her romance with Max in the past, comparing him to a rabbit with no ''technique''.

She previously said: ''I keep reading about what a stud Max is and how he is God's gift to women, but he was like a rabbit. There wasn't a lot of technique and the whole thing was over very fast.

''He was wearing Mr Men boxers and that was a major turn-off. They said Mr Perfect which he definitely wasn't. I couldn't take him seriously, he was like a jumped-up little boy.

''At the end I was like, 'What happened?' It was very rushed. He's got a lot to learn. I just wanted it to be over as quickly as possible.''