Japanese pop singer KUMI KODA has apologised for sparking outrage over claims a woman's body isn't fit for child birth after the age of 35. Koda - who made her comments on live radio show All Night Nippon - urged women to have children before they reach their mid-thirties for the sake of the mother's amnion, the part of the womb that protects an embryo. She said, "Mothers' amnion fluid is rotten once they turn around 35. I mean it. It gets dirty." The comments caused a major furore in the country and led to the 25-year-old star losing a major advertising contract with a cosmetics firm. Koda's agency, Avex Entertainment, also announced they were halting promotional activities for her recent album Kingdom, which was released last month (Jan08). The star has now issued an apology on the Internet. The statement on Koda's official website reads, "I sincerely and deeply apologise for offending people with my remark."