Janie Bryant is really ''excited'' about hosting her own fashion reality show.

The 'Mad Men' costume designer will front a new TV search to find the next big fashion star, challenging aspiring designers to create a garment in the style of an iconic Hollywood film or star, and she believes her past performing experience will help her in front of the camera.

She told Fashionista.com: ''I'm so excited about it - it's crazy, we've been talking about it for a long time and now that people know about it, it's so exciting!''

''I did perform a lot as a child and I'm hoping those childhood experiences will serve me well. I'm looking forward to a new experience.''

While Janie wouldn't give anything away about the programme - which is thought to follow a similar format to 'Project Runway' - she revealed she might be showcasing her own creations on the show.

She said: ''I was thinking that maybe I would design a dress for myself for every show. That would be a dream; and also if that was available for retail, that would be very cool... But I don't know if that will happen.''

The competition's working title is 'Janie Bryant's Hollywood' and it is currently being pitched to several US TV networks.

Janie has been a costume designer for hit HBO show 'Mad Men' since 2007, and she still can't believe the influence her Emmy-nominated outfits have had on the fashion industry.

Asked when she first realised her impact, she said: ''Probably the first collection that came out that was totally inspired by 'Mad Men' was Michael Kors and then it really just continued with Prada, Thom Browne and really seeing a lot of the menswear changing as well and the whole skinny suit.

''And then designing the three collections for Banana Republic. There have been so many instances of seeing the huge influence of the 1960s in fashion it's been incredible and it still really continues with the graphic and bold geometric patterns of the mod 60s.''