Jamie T is glad he waited two years to release a new album.

The singer is just finishing new LP 'Kings and Queens' - the follow up to 2007's debut 'Panic Prevention' - and promises fans it will be worth the wait.

He said: "It's just we had fun and took our time rather than rushing it and coming out with something we weren't happy with. I'm glad we took our time.

"I'm excited, it has been a long time coming so it'll be nice to hear what people think and be good to play all the new stuff."

Jamie claims the title is meant to represent equality.

He explained to BBC Newsbeat: "It's a long story. It has something to do with everyone is like the king or queen of their own and everyone should have respect for each other on that term.

"It's nice isn't it? It's something along those terms anyway."

'Kings and Queens' is scheduled for release in September.