Jamie O'Hara admits he made a ''massive mistake'' in cheating on Danielle Lloyd.

The 31-year-old footballer - who tied the knot with the model in 2012 after two-and-a-half years together - found his career began to flounder when he signed for Wolverhampton Wanderers and suffered a number of injuries, so went in search of a ''buzz'' he was no longer getting from his sport.

He explained: ''When Danielle and I moved to Birmingham in 2011, it was the beginning of the end for us and my career. I didn't have family near me and I was going out too much...

''Our relationship wasn't going well and neither of us could find a happy balance.

''On a night out, I cheated on her, which was a massive mistake. I was searching for a buzz I couldn't get from football.

''When it came out, it was an explosion and got messy.''

Jamie decided to quit the team for a fresh start, but it cost a lot of money, and he sought help in rehab because he felt suicidal.

He admitted: ''I knew I had to quit Wolves for my sanity but I lost £1 million from my contract. I went into rehab for depression and alcohol dependency because I felt like I was going to kill myself.

''Rehab didn't work because everyone in there knew who I was but afterwards I had counselling for a year and it helped me figure out what I wanted from life.''

The sportsman found going through a divorce in 2014 ''horrific'' and wasn't prepared for how much it would affect him.

He told Closer magazine: ''Divorce was horrific and a terrible time for me. I wasn't prepared for it mentally and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

''Danielle and I had a lot of love for each other and we have three incredible children, but when my career fell apart, our relationship became toxic. We went through court, which was tough.''

These days, the former couple get on better and Jamie praised Danielle for ensuring their three sons,

Archie, seven, Harry, six, and George, four, are all ''amazing'' and settled.

He said: ''Now we're OK - we communicate well and have moved forward.

''It's credit to her that our boy are amazing kids.

''Danielle kept them happy through all the bad stuff we've experienced.''