Jamie Lynn Spears 3-year-old child Maddie Briann Aldridge looks to be following in her famous aunt's footsteps - the toddler was filmed chanting Britney's latest single 'Up N Down' on YouTube, reports Usa Today.
Britney, whose younger sister Jamie Lynn gave birth to the girl in 2008, even tweeted the video on Friday (29th July 2011) in an attempt to send the clip viral. The songstress told her 8 million followers, "Omg! Check out my niece Maddie covering Aunt Britney's Up N Down. Sooooo adorable". Clutching a barbie-doll throughout the rendition, Maddie does an impressive job of mimicking her aunt, but instead of singing "I know you want me like kids want candy," she opted to sing the lyrics "I know that kids want candy, up and down, up and down, up and down". The rendition was met by enthusiastic applause off-camera, assumedly from mother Jamie-Lynn.
Britney's sister stunned fans by announcing her pregnancy in 2007, leaving her role on the hugely popular Nickelodeon sitcom 'Zoey 101' shortly after. Jamie-Lynn split with the father of her child, Casey Aldridge, in March 2009. The couple briefly reconciled in August 2010 before splitting again 3 months later.