Rock 'n' roll star TOMMY JAMES still regrets turning down the chance to perform at Woodstock.
The Crimson & Clover singer and his backing band The Shondells were among the first names selected to play at the upstate New York music festival in 1969 - but they couldn't bring themselves to perform on a farm and turned the promoters down.
James recalls, "I was in Hawaii at the time and we got asked to do the festival. Artie Kornfeld was one of the principals of the festival - and a friend of mine - and we got asked to go.
"I said, 'Wait a minute, you're asking me to leave paradise and fly 6,000 miles to a pig farm? Did I just hear you right?' I said, 'If we're not there, start without us,' and they did and they called it Woodstock.
"By Thursday of that week, we knew we screwed up really bad."