Porn star James Deen went back to school this week (beg25Feb13) to deliver a lecture to students at his alma mater.

The Canyons star gave a talk at Pasadena City College in California on Wednesday (27Feb13) as part of a humanities course which focuses on the porn industry.

Some students had threaten to protest against Deen's visit, but the lecture went ahead as planned with the star telling his audience, "Everyone has a right to not watch pornography, or take the class, or not."

Hugo Schwyzer, professor of the Navigating Pornography course, adds, "My students were engaged. It was a wonderful afternoon... Deen is the biggest male porn star on the planet. Most of his fans are women. That represents a transformation. There's never been a bigger porn star with a female audience... As a professor, it was a kick watching the class respond to him."