The J. Geils of the J. Geils Band is suing the group for planning a tour without him.
John Geils gave his name to the Freeze Frame hitmakers in the late 1960s and he doesn't think his former bandmates, including singer Peter Wolf and Danny Klein, should be able to use the moniker if he's not part of the act.
Geils has filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts, in which he claims his former bandmates have "planned and conspired" to exclude him from an upcoming J. Geils Band tour, which is scheduled to begin on 25 August (12).
He is seeking to prevent other members of the band using the name and full rights to the trademark.
His lawyer states, "Together they're the J. Geils Band, but separately they're Mr. Wolf, Mr. Salwitz , Mr. Klein, and Mr. Justman. They do not have the right to take his name and use it, and try to deny him the right to use his own name."