J Balvin will only work with people that he ''loves and respects.''

The 33-year-old singer - whose real name José Balvin - shot into the charts when Beyonce released a remix of his track 'Mi Gente' featuring Willy William last year to raise money for the hurricane relief efforts and he has admitted he never would have worked with her if he didn't admire her and think she'd make him a better artist.

Speaking on Beats 1, he said: ''I just work with people that I love and respect, that inspire me to be a better person, a better artist. I think it was a really beautiful cultural move. People see me with the queen, like, if she's working with him it's because he's for real. She's not the type of girl that works with everybody. All the other collaborations are helping me a lot to keep spreading the vibe that I want.''

Since the release of 'Despacito', Balvin has found himself in the charts quite a lot as the 'Mi Gente' remix peaked at Number 3, his collaboration 'I Like It' with Cardi B has climbed into the Top 10, while his latest song 'X' has risen to Number 41.

He explained: ''That's what I love about the situation. We're showing the world that we're not one-hit wonders when it comes to global stuff. It's not a coincidence.''

And Balvin has his eye on many other collaborations as he's hoping to work with the likes of The Weeknd, Drake, Rihanna and Bruno Mars in the future.

His new single 'Vibras' will be released on Friday (25.05.18).