J.B. Gill and his wife are planning another child next year.

The former JLS singer's spouse Chloe says the 'Beat Again' hitmaker has been ''ready'' for a second baby since their son Ace was born two years ago, but the couple will spend the first few months of 2017 working on TV show 'Dance Dance Dance' before they think about expanding their family.

Asked if they want another baby, Chloe said: ''Are you kidding? J has been ready for another one since the day Ace was born.''

J.B. added: ''She's not wrong. I think the first part of next year will be about work, then we'll definitely be thinking about another one.''

And the couple are delighted their friends Marvin and Rochelle Humes are expecting their second child, because they are very close to them and Ace shares a special bond with their daughter Alaia-Mai, three.

J.B. said recently: ''We're over the moon for Marvin and Rochelle. Ace and Alaia are just so cute together. They send each other voice notes and really love each other.

''We are all like an extended family.''

Chloe added: ''And Rochelle rocks pregnancy. She looks amazing. We can't wait to meet the new addition.''

The couple live on a farm and love their quiet life in the countryside.

J.B. said: ''Ace just loves being around all the animals and is always wanting to be involved.''

Chloe added: ''Standing at my kitchen door, making breakfast and watching my two boys heading down to feed the animals, then seeing Ace scamper back with his fresh eggs and a big smile on his face - it doesn't get better than that for me.''