J.B. Gill was shaking uncontrollably on his wedding day.

The JLS singer was overcome with nerves when he wed his partner of five years, Chloe Tangney, in a romantic ceremony at Mount Stuart country house on the Isle of Bute in Scotland earlier this month, and felt extremely emotional when he saw his bride walk down the aisle.

He said: ''When I saw the first bridesmaid, I was like, 'Wow'. I was shaking and I didn't know how to stop. Then Chloe's sister Sian Louise came in and she was really emotional. I thought, 'I'm going to lose it'.

''By now, I was desperate to see Chloe. I'd missed her. Then, when I saw her coming down the aisle with her dad, I felt calmer. They weren't in meltdown, they just looked really happy and that helped me to hold I together. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was perfect.''

The ceremony, which was attended by 140 of their close friends and family, as well as J.B.'s bandmates Marvin Humes, Aston Merrygold and Ortise Williams, was extremely traditional and featured hymns from a gospel choir.

J.B. - who has quit singing to pursue a career as a farmer - claims tradition is very important to him and Chloe and are ecstatic to finally be man and wife.

He said: ''We're traditional and to us that's all part of this exciting new chapter in our lives. For me, it's a big thing. When you get married, it's not just you anymore, it's the two of you and I'm looking forward to reflecting that in our home and making it our house.''

While the pair have no plans to start a family yet, they definitely want to have kids in the future.

He said: ''We love kids and we're looking forward to being parents. It's something we've talked about, obviously, but there are no film plans for that yet.

''Today has been the best day of our lives and for now, we're happy to spend some time enjoying what we have and getting used to being husband and wife. It feels so good to finally be able to say that.''