Italian actor/author Giorgio Faletti has died at the age of 63.

Faletti passed away on Friday (04Jul14) at his home in Turin, Italy from an incurable illness, according to

A man of many talents, Faletti was a beloved celebrity in his native country, having been a comedian, singer, songwriter and painter, in addition to his work as an actor and writer.

One of his best-known achievements was his 2002 thriller novel I Kill, which sold more than 5 million copies and became one of the bestselling books in the country's history. I Kill has since been published in 35 countries and translated into 25 languages.

As an actor, Faletti starred in various Italian Tv programmes and films, including 2006 teen comedy Notte prima degli esami (Night Before the Exams).

His role as a professor earned him a supporting actor nomination for Italy's Donatello Awards, which is the country's equivalent of the Oscars.

He was also honoured with the Vittorio De Sica award for Literature by the President of the Italian Republic in 2005.

Faletti's funeral service will be held on Tuesday (08Jul14) in his hometown of Asti, where he lived with his wife Roberta.