CNN's highly touted "hologram," which allowed Wolf Blitzer to talk toChicago-based Jessica Yellen on election night as if she were standing inthe studio in front of him, was no hologram at all, according to an experton computer-generated images. In an interview with the Canadian BroadcastingCorp., Professor Hans Jurgen Kreuzer of Dalhousie University in Halifax,Nova Scotia, said that the image was actually a "tomogram," a type of imagecommonly used in special-effects scenes in movies. If the image had been anactual hologram, he noted, Blitzer would have been able to see Yellen'simage in front of him. (Such a technical accomplishment is believed to beabout ten years away.) As it was, Blitzer was only able to see Yellen on amonitor, placed out of camera range on stage.