As is usual on weekdays following the Christmas holiday, the box office on Monday and Tuesday was as crowded as it would have been on a Friday or Saturday -- more so, given the record-setting holiday fare. Twentieth Century Fox's Avatar , of course, led the way, with a remarkable total of $37.71 million for the two days, bringing its domestic gross after just 12 days to $250.42 million. With kids out of school for the holidays, Fox's Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel sold nearly the same number of tickets, although it did not have the benefit of premium 3D and IMAX charges and many tickets were sold at children's prices. It took in $24.63 million, and passed the $100-million mark in its seventh day in theaters, with a total of $100.22 million. Sherlock Holmes stalked the two leaders, counting $21.43 million on Monday and Tuesday, to bring its five-day total to $83.82 million. Even Universal's romantic comedy It's Complicated saw solid, weekend-like business with a total of $8.55 million for the two days, to bring its five-day gross to $30.65 million.