Israeli singer Rona Kenan was forced to cancel a concert in her native country following a barrage of death threats.

The singer/songwriter was due to perform in the northern Israel city of Haifa on Thursday (31Jul14) but axed the show out of fears for her safety after she was subjected to death threats.

A false report created in 2012 was republished last month (Jul14), amid the growing conflict in the Middle East, which claims she held a moment of silence for Palestinian martyrs at a concert. Kenan denied the claims at the time.

Her publicist says, "Someone decided to upload a false publication from 2012 and present it as though it were taking place now. Whoever uploaded the publication didn't note the date nor did he bother to also publish the clarification that was provided at the time."

Since the publication, Kenan has received "inciting messages, threats against her and slander over the past week via social media".

The singer added, "I have unfortunately found myself exposed to severe verbal attacks and threats to my life over a false publication from 2012 that was published again today as though it was happening now, during this sensitive time of war. Hopefully quieter days will be upon us all soon."