Israeli film-maker YOAV SHAMIR is considering pulling out of this year's (06) Edinburgh Film Festival in Scotland, following pressure from organisers after the outbreak of hostilities in Lebanon. The award-winning director was planning to screen his new movie 5 DAYS - which deals with the removal of Israeli settlers from settlements in occupied Gaza - later this month (AUG06), but he is concerned he may be targetted by protestors. Festival organisers warned Shamir in an email sent last week (ends06AUG06), "It might be in your best interest not to attend the festival this year." And Shamir says, "I'm not sure I'm going to go. I want to make a stand on this, but there is so much strong feeling at the moment. I don't want to risk myself to physical threats." Shamir's highly acclaimed feature CHECKPOINT was controversial in his homeland and strongly criticised the Israeli government.