Isabel Marant is her own muse.

The French fashion designer - who has a string of high-profile fans including Alexa Chung, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham - admits her main inspiration when creating her collections is thinking of what she would wear herself.

She explained: ''It's true that I am my own muse. I don't like this word but when I studied fashion at Studio Berçot [a Paris fashion college] the director said, 'You shouldn't want others to wear things that you won't wear yourself,' and that's something that never left me.''

Isabel - who is known for her signature feminine-meets-masculine garments - favours practical fashion and would never design eveningwear because she thinks it is ''ugly''.

She added to the Daily Telegraph website: ''Sometimes I can create things that are beautiful but I say, 'When am I going to wear that?' Every morning when I open my cupboard I need some clothes, I don't need some clothes to go to awards or whatever, because it's once a year.

''I'm very feminine but I always need to break it with something very masculine.'

''It's so ugly when I see beautiful girls wearing these [eveningwear] dresses because they have to. Sometimes they would look better wearing a well-cut trouser and a T-shirt. Much more chic than a... cake dress.''